Dream Kitchen

10 Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen can be exciting; you’re finally getting your dream kitchen!  But, where do you begin, the overwhelming amount of choices you have to select from can be daunting.  Faucets, cabinets, flooring, countertops, appliances – the options are endless and your budget is your only limit.  Make no mistake, renovating your kitchen is a big and messy job and mistakes cost money.  So before you get started here are 10 tips to ease you through the renovation process.

  1. The budget, it’s the most important part of the whole renovation…and the part everyone hates. You need to figure out how much you can afford to spend and stick to it.  Once you start shopping and looking at samples you’re going to be tempted to get more than you can afford.  Unless you have unlimited funds don’t let your renovation run away from you or you will drain your cash reserves long before the kitchen is finished.
  2. Make a plan and stick to it! That may seem obvious but once you have the budget figured out now you need to take a long hard look at the kitchen and figure out how to achieve the renovations.  How you want the cabinets and appliances laid out.  Is your kitchen the center of your home or is it largely for meal times, do you want entertainment options as part of the renovations.
  3. This one is important, were you aware that the cabinets will account for half the budget. That’s right, half!  Decide early what you want to install, how much money you have to spend and then plan around that.  Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to selecting your cabinets, they need to last for years so go for the best you can afford.
  4. Select good quality flooring. Your floor doesn’t have to be ugly just because it is in your kitchen.  Today there are many beautiful choices you can select from, choose a flooring that has the right combination of durability and looks.
  5. Don’t overlook lighting.  Lighting is just as important and any other aspect of the kitchen and that old fluorescent lighting doesn’t fit in the modern kitchen.  Fluorescent lighting is ugly and eats electricity so opt for better choices like LEDs and layered lighting.  Lighting can get expensive especially if it means bringing in an electrician to do some rewiring.  Plan ahead for your lighting and stick with your choice.
  6. Find a theme and stick with it. Before you even begin your project figure out what style you want and stick with it, or you end up with a patchwork design.  Unless you are striving for an eclectic look picking a theme and sticking with it allows the elements to blend together seamlessly.
  7. This tip follows closely on the last one, choose your theme wisely. Pick a style that is timeless and blends with the rest of the house.  You don’t want to be ripping your kitchen apart again in a few years time because your trendy kitchen is no longer in style.
  8. Use software to plan out your kitchen. Lowes has a virtual kitchen designer you can use to see what your kitchen will look like after the renos are complete.  Try out several options before your final selection get some opinions to see what works for you.
  9. Choose your contractor wisely. The kitchen is a big investment so look for someone who is reputable and make sure to check references.  Sites like Angie’s List and Yelp can provide you choose a reputable paint contractor.
  10. Last but not least, keep in mind the size and shape of your existing kitchen if you don’t plan on gutting your existing kitchen remember to work with what you have. If you are a renovator and thing of growing your business Call us to help you “build” your business http://www.calgaryseocompany.ca