Tips for painting the interior of your house

Interior painting calgary is one of the best ways to give your house a change and reward it for serving all these years. Interior painting is one of the easiest and most popular DIY activities, but it can turn into a nightmare in no time if you don’t follow the right steps. It is indeed the most affordable way to make the rooms look fresh, and if you want to do it yourself then all you require is some practice, patience and some helping hands and advice. These tips will help you give your house a makeover without much hassle. These hacks will help you paint better, neater and faster.

Prep up first

To paint your room successfully and evenly you must prep your room first. This means that you must every crack, hole, dent, and every other surface imperfection by scraping sanding and patching. This might not be the joyous part of the job, but it is an essential job and will reward you with flawless paint. After all,of any particular color and quality will cover the cracked surface.

Prime up the walls

Priming the walls is crucial whenever you paint, anytime you hire a professional Calgary painter. It is always smarter to prime. Primer serves 3 major functions which give you a perfect paint. First, it helps in preventing the stains from bleeding. The second benefit is that it allows a single coat for the painting. Third, and the most important function, it helps in improving paint adherence. This makes the paint stay intact for longer and reduces peeling.

Ditch the plastic

Yes, you heard it right, it is wiser to ditch the plastic and befriend the canvas. It has its own advantages over plastic. Canvas is rip-resistant and durable. It lays flat and is much less tripping hazard. Canvas is more foldable than plastic and is easier to fold around the doorways and corners. Canvas drop cloth lasts a millennium.

Pole extension!

Climbing up and down the step ladder is pretty tiring and inconvenient. The issue has been resolved now. Keep your paint roller over a telescoping extension pole. These poles are available in different lengths. Extension poles are long up to 18 feet, but if we talk about the good length thenpoles ranging from 18 to 36 inches are good to paint the 8 to 9 inches tall ceilings. Whenever you go for shopping for these poles, make sure they have a non-slip and a soft grip and of course, a hard metal core.

Mix it all

It is a possibility that paint color may vary from can to can. If you have to open a new can in the middle of the wall, you may get a different color on the wall which is too noticeable. This can be a very big problem. To eliminate this problem, a solution is to mix paints together. This way all the slightly different shades will mix together, and you will not get a different colored wall when you run out of paint in the middle.

Think About Link, Company, And Page Again, Because They Are Important

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Calgary SEO – Internet Marketing

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Re-modelling the Bathroom Step by Step

Any real estate agent will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses; your bathroom is probably the smallest room in the home but one of the most expensive to remodel.  Done right however it can add thousands to the value of your home while being turned into a beautiful space full of tranquility and light.


Design is the first thing you want to get right, to get the design right keep in mind the people who are going to be using it.  For example, is the bathroom going to be used by a family or is it an ensuite of the master bedroom.  If you are designing the bathroom for a family you want easy access to the shower and bath, whereas a master bath you want more of a spa feeling.  If you are renovating for a flip then you want your bathroom to have the widest appeal.  Draw out some plans to scale and make not of the plumbing points, window space or you can try using an online room planner to help you design the of the best changes you can make is Custom Glass , its a huge game changer for any bathroom

Renovation & Construction

Renovating the bathroom involves electrical work and plumbing it is highly recommended that you work with a contractor, but if you have chosen to all or some of the work yourself the first step is renting a dumpster and hauling out the old bathroom.  Remove everything but the plumbing, keeping the plumbing will allow you to keep the water on in the house.

Bathrooms need to be constructed properly following a process and up to code, but the end result will be worth it.

Plumbing and electrical

After the old bathroom fixtures have been removed you need to install new plumbing for clean water and drainage.  Pay attention to positioning so that all the plumbing is correct when the drywall and tiles are installed.

Install wall and ceiling linings

Install the wall lining and nail it to the fibro board every six inches, making sure not to nail into pipes or wiring.  Measure and mark the layout of the pipes and wires onto the wall board with a pencil to avoid any mistakes.  If you have chosen to lay tile from the ceiling to the floor don’t install the cornices until you are done tiling.  If the bath is not freestanding this is when you frame and install the tub, allowing for the thickness of tiles and glue.

 Tile floor and walls

Lay the tiles on the floor first and then apply the grout.  After the grout has dried on the floor tiles and it’s safe to walk on them again it is time to apply the tile to the walls.  Make sure they are all level  and then apply the grout and buff them clean.   Here is a video showing you how to correctly lay tile:

Install plumbing fitting and fixtures

Now it is time to install all your plumbing fittings and the taps.  Now is the time you install all the towel racks, soap dishes and the vanity, make sure the vanity is level and sealed with silicone.  Make sure everything is where you want it before you start drilling into tiles. Get a New Shower head !

Paint & Clean

The final step is to put on the last coat of paint hire a Calgary painter  and whatever finishing touches you need and the final clean up.

Enjoy the brand new bathroom! after the renovation consider brightening up the space with Calgary flowers !  Flowers can be just the finsihing touch you need !


Dream Kitchen

10 Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen can be exciting; you’re finally getting your dream kitchen!  But, where do you begin, the overwhelming amount of choices you have to select from can be daunting.  Faucets, cabinets, flooring, countertops, appliances – the options are endless and your budget is your only limit.  Make no mistake, renovating your kitchen is a big and messy job and mistakes cost money.  So before you get started here are 10 tips to ease you through the renovation process.

  1. The budget, it’s the most important part of the whole renovation…and the part everyone hates. You need to figure out how much you can afford to spend and stick to it.  Once you start shopping and looking at samples you’re going to be tempted to get more than you can afford.  Unless you have unlimited funds don’t let your renovation run away from you or you will drain your cash reserves long before the kitchen is finished.
  2. Make a plan and stick to it! That may seem obvious but once you have the budget figured out now you need to take a long hard look at the kitchen and figure out how to achieve the renovations.  How you want the cabinets and appliances laid out.  Is your kitchen the center of your home or is it largely for meal times, do you want entertainment options as part of the renovations.
  3. This one is important, were you aware that the cabinets will account for half the budget. That’s right, half!  Decide early what you want to install, how much money you have to spend and then plan around that.  Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to selecting your cabinets, they need to last for years so go for the best you can afford.
  4. Select good quality flooring. Your floor doesn’t have to be ugly just because it is in your kitchen.  Today there are many beautiful choices you can select from, choose a flooring that has the right combination of durability and looks.
  5. Don’t overlook lighting.  Lighting is just as important and any other aspect of the kitchen and that old fluorescent lighting doesn’t fit in the modern kitchen.  Fluorescent lighting is ugly and eats electricity so opt for better choices like LEDs and layered lighting.  Lighting can get expensive especially if it means bringing in an electrician to do some rewiring.  Plan ahead for your lighting and stick with your choice.
  6. Find a theme and stick with it. Before you even begin your project figure out what style you want and stick with it, or you end up with a patchwork design.  Unless you are striving for an eclectic look picking a theme and sticking with it allows the elements to blend together seamlessly.
  7. This tip follows closely on the last one, choose your theme wisely. Pick a style that is timeless and blends with the rest of the house.  You don’t want to be ripping your kitchen apart again in a few years time because your trendy kitchen is no longer in style.
  8. Use software to plan out your kitchen. Lowes has a virtual kitchen designer you can use to see what your kitchen will look like after the renos are complete.  Try out several options before your final selection get some opinions to see what works for you.
  9. Choose your contractor wisely. The kitchen is a big investment so look for someone who is reputable and make sure to check references.  Sites like Angie’s List and Yelp can provide you choose a reputable paint contractor.
  10. Last but not least, keep in mind the size and shape of your existing kitchen if you don’t plan on gutting your existing kitchen remember to work with what you have. If you are a renovator and thing of growing your business Call us to help you “build” your business