Re-modelling the Bathroom Step by Step

Any real estate agent will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses; your bathroom is probably the smallest room in the home but one of the most expensive to remodel.  Done right however it can add thousands to the value of your home while being turned into a beautiful space full of tranquility and light.


Design is the first thing you want to get right, to get the design right keep in mind the people who are going to be using it.  For example, is the bathroom going to be used by a family or is it an ensuite of the master bedroom.  If you are designing the bathroom for a family you want easy access to the shower and bath, whereas a master bath you want more of a spa feeling.  If you are renovating for a flip then you want your bathroom to have the widest appeal.  Draw out some plans to scale and make not of the plumbing points, window space or you can try using an online room planner to help you design the of the best changes you can make is Custom Glass , its a huge game changer for any bathroom

Renovation & Construction

Renovating the bathroom involves electrical work and plumbing it is highly recommended that you work with a contractor, but if you have chosen to all or some of the work yourself the first step is renting a dumpster and hauling out the old bathroom.  Remove everything but the plumbing, keeping the plumbing will allow you to keep the water on in the house.

Bathrooms need to be constructed properly following a process and up to code, but the end result will be worth it.

Plumbing and electrical

After the old bathroom fixtures have been removed you need to install new plumbing for clean water and drainage.  Pay attention to positioning so that all the plumbing is correct when the drywall and tiles are installed.

Install wall and ceiling linings

Install the wall lining and nail it to the fibro board every six inches, making sure not to nail into pipes or wiring.  Measure and mark the layout of the pipes and wires onto the wall board with a pencil to avoid any mistakes.  If you have chosen to lay tile from the ceiling to the floor don’t install the cornices until you are done tiling.  If the bath is not freestanding this is when you frame and install the tub, allowing for the thickness of tiles and glue.

 Tile floor and walls

Lay the tiles on the floor first and then apply the grout.  After the grout has dried on the floor tiles and it’s safe to walk on them again it is time to apply the tile to the walls.  Make sure they are all level  and then apply the grout and buff them clean.   Here is a video showing you how to correctly lay tile:

Install plumbing fitting and fixtures

Now it is time to install all your plumbing fittings and the taps.  Now is the time you install all the towel racks, soap dishes and the vanity, make sure the vanity is level and sealed with silicone.  Make sure everything is where you want it before you start drilling into tiles. Get a New Shower head !

Paint & Clean

The final step is to put on the last coat of paint hire a Calgary painter  and whatever finishing touches you need and the final clean up.

Enjoy the brand new bathroom! after the renovation consider brightening up the space with Calgary flowers !  Flowers can be just the finsihing touch you need !